Rules and Guidelines For Participation

1.  Personal Floatation Device (PFD) must be worn by everyone or the group cannot launch. Our insurer requires everyone to follow all boat safety regulations specified by Transport Canada. Make sure you have all necessary safety equipment on your craft prior to launch. Tip: Wear your whistle on your PFD

2.  Be on time. As a courteously to your fellow paddlers arrive early enough to unload and be on the water for our specified launch time. The time stated in the paddling schedule is our ‘launch’ time not ‘arrival’ time. Arriving 10 to 20 minutes ahead of time is sufficient time for most paddlers to get on the water.

3.  Please be helpful in assisting other paddlers with moving their boats to the water; try to help 2 or 3 others if you are physically able. The faster we get set at the launch the more time we have to enjoy the paddle.

4.  Bring your own sanitizer, wear a mask if protocol at time of event dictates. Organized paddles will be held in accordance with Ontario Reopening Act. Please be respectful and keep physically distanced as much as possible (Refer to COVID-19 Protocol) whether you have received your vaccination or not. As much as we would love to see everyone, please self screen to help keep everyone healthy and safe.

5. If at any time you are struggling (fatigue, balance, vertigo, dehydration, extreme hunger, cramping, medication complications, current, wind, or waves, or equipment failure) whatever the reason – please tell someone or whistle!! Some members in the club have assist and rescue skills, or have taken courses on assisted rescue. Please alert someone, if no one is within yelling distance blow your whistle 3 times and wave paddle above your head. No one is here to judge, we all want everyone to go home safely.

6.  Be prepared for weather conditions – as we are a recreational group, paddle events will be cancelled, if inclement weather is forecast, but can’t always be avoided. As the weather heats up a hat, sunglasses and a bottle of water are recommended, heat/sun exhaustion is dangerous on water. A change of clothes in a dry bag and a towel are good to have onboard. Bug repellant and sunscreen are also good to have on hand.

7. Parking – there are locations where parking is minimal, please drop your boat off at the launch as quick as possible then move your vehicle out of the way so others can access. Some put-in sites have a parking fee; these are indicated, to the best of our knowledge, in our paddling spot schedule.

8.  We are all here to paddle, for camaraderie and to have fun. Harassment, discrimination, bullying or disrespectful behaviour is not representative of the club’s goal, be respectful of everyone as equal members of our club.

9. The use of PPC’s password protected pages are for the use of the members who have registered and paid only. Passwords are not to be shared, or privilege will be rescinded without a refund.

Paddling Schedule – be aware that we start the season off with launch time at 5:30pm, as the days get longer we launch at 6pm. Arriving 10 to 20 minutes ahead of time is sufficient time for most paddlers to get on the water. Check the website for start times if unsure.

Launch Cancellation Policy – In the event of inclement weather, we make every attempt to email, as well as update Facebook and the webpage, regarding the cancellation by 4pm on the day of the paddle. If you choose to paddle on your own after an event has been cancelled, it is at your own risk.